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A Motorcycle Ride through Forgotten New Jersey Aerodromes

Small airport named Berlin

More typical of the small airports of Southern New Jersey is Berlin (N39º46’42”, W74º56’52”). Located along Watsontown Road in Camden County, New Jersey, this small paved runway airport is a transit airport, a place where people fly in to meet with family, friends and business meetings.

Motorcycle Destination Berlin Farmers Market

But, the real attraction within 2 miles of this aerodrome is Berlin Farmers Market. Berlin Farmers Market ( is located at 41 Clements Bridge Road, Berlin Township, NJ 08009. Open from Thursday thru Sunday and in the center of agricultural commerce in Southern New Jersey, the market has been around since 1940. It was originally the hub in Southern New Jersey of livestock and produce auctions. Berlin Farmers Market has evolved into one of the east coast’s oldest and largest market. Operating every Saturday and Sunday one of the largest outdoor flea markets in New Jersey is held on the grounds of the Berlin Market. One of the treasures in the market is JRA Leather , Location 220 in the market (856-768-1107) ( If you’re looking for motorcycle leather, or accessories, you’ll find it here and the prices are very reasonable. Put the Berlin Farmers Market and JRA Leather on the must see list for this tour. Right behind the farmers market, on Park Drive, is a small park, with lots of shade, and picnic benches and a lake. Pick up some of the fine foods from the vendors in the Farmers Market, and have yourself a relaxing picnic lunch in the park at this inviting rest stop.

Hammonton Airport Motorcycle Ride Stop

Hammonton Municipal Airport

N39º40’02” W74º45’27”
Columbia Road
Hammonton, New Jersey

Hammonton Municipal Airport is situated on 107 acres off Columbia Road (Atlantic County Route 693). This aerodrome is one of the few places in Southern New Jersey where the Civil Air Patrol operates its Eagle Flight Glider Training Program. Gliding is real flight. It is the closest that you can get to experiencing the thrill of real non-powered flight where you user your skills and talent to find the up and down drafts that will carry you through the air. During the summer months, Hammonton is a great place to see gliders in action. This aerodrome is close to US Route 30 (White Horse Pike) where there are plenty of fast food places to eat and other restaurants. The area is a great place to explore. Further down Columbia Road from the Airport is Atlantic County Route 542 (Nesco Road). The treasure that lives on Nesco Road is Batsto Village. Batsto Village is located within Wharton State Forest and is a registered historic site. Rich deposits of iron in the area provided a source of iron made supplies to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary war. As the deposits were depleted, Batsto became a glassmaking community.

Check out Batsto’s web site ( for events and tours throughout the year. This is a great place as a rest stop, picnic and a camp site if you are contemplating making this an overnight tour.

Batsto a Motorcycle Destination

Atlantic City International Airport and the William J. Hughes Technical Center

NN39º27’27’’ W74º34’38”
Pomona, New Jersey
Hughes Technical Center and ATL Sign

Located along Atlantic County Route 563 (Tilton Road) lays one of the most sophisticated and advanced aviation facilities on the east coast. The Atlantic City International Airport and the William J. Hughes Technical Center cohabitate a tract or land about 9 miles from Atlantic City. The Technical Center is a world-class laboratory and a top-notch engineering facility. The Technical Center is at the forefront of the FAA's challenge to modernize the U.S. air transportation system. The Center serves as the FAA national scientific test base for research and development, test and evaluation, and verification and validation in air traffic control, communications, navigation, airports, aircraft safety, and security. The Technical Center is the primary facility supporting the nation's Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Motorcycle in front of ATL airport

You can arrange a general tour of this facility at least two months in advance by contacting the visitor information office by calling 609-485-5210. If you have any interest in the development of the air transportation systems of the future, plan your trip and schedule a tour of this facility.

Even if you don’t tour the facility, the airport complex is very impressive. It is the Home of the 177th New Jersey Air National Guard Fighter Squadron.

So there you are, a motorcycle ride through aviation history in Southern New Jersey. This motorcycle route is an exciting and action packed tour of extinct, old, out dated aerodromes…that are very much alive and well.


photonphil says:

Thanks for the great route John. My son and I always like to ride to airports and eat breakfast on the weekend. You gave us some great destinations to try. Thanks again
Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 9:35 AM

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