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T-Bag Universal Lonestar Motorcycle Luggage: Transform Your Motorcycle into a Pack Mule

Another nice touch on this luggage is that you can use the rolltop as a bag on its own if you ever need something smaller for a quick weekend trip on the motorcycle.

If you're riding solo, you also get the option of flipping the bag around and resting it on the passenger seat, making for a somewhat comfortable backrest (except the organizer pocket tends to dig into your upper back). Not exactly a lazy-boy, but a great feature and it's better than nothing!

Overall, we were off to a good start before the bike even started to roll!

The Test

The testing scenario was pretty simple: a 3000 mile motorcycle tour, riding two-up, and camping along the way. Here's what we stuffed into the luggage (including the roll-top):

  1. A 2-person Tent
  2. A Tarp for the motorcycle.
  3. Two Sleeping Bags
  4. Two Pairs of Hard Toed Sandals (think of these as a hybrid between sandals and sneakers)
  5. Two sets of Jeans
  6. A few t-shirts.
  7. 6 pairs of socks
  8. 6 sets of underwear.
  9. Personal Hygiene Items (Toothbrushes, deodorant, makeup, etc)
  10. Journal
  11. Miscellaneous Stuff (matches, pencils, cell phones, etc)

Along the way we hit a few days of rain which also gave us a chance to test how rain-proof the T-Bag Universal Lonestar bag really was.

From a storage standpoint, you can't go wrong with this bag. If you're wondering why, glance up above and read the list of stuff we packed again. This bag has more than enough storage to make even the longest tours comfortable for two people. If you're riding solo and not camping, you should be able to store enough clothes to ride without hitting the Laundromat for at least two weeks! Plus, the bag has enough versatile hooks and straps that with a few extra bungee cords you can store even more! (i.e. water bottles, food, etc)

Operationally, the luggage performed wonderfully and the mounting system did great. I checked the straps on the Lonestar at every gas stop and I never needed to adjust the straps after the initial tie-down. The bag just plain stayed put on the motorcycle. This is after the added stress of us taking the bag off every night and putting it back on every morning.


PennStreetBob says:

Have the exact same bag and love it. Just took mine with two detachable Harley saddlebags on a 2,000 mile New England tour with plenty of room for absolutely everything one can imagine needing. I tried a few of the larger roll bags which flop (literally). I also have a small Vegas bag for day trips. T-Bags for me.
Sat Sep 5, 2009 at 7:20 AM

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