After nearly 20 years, we've decided to close our doors on August 11th and pursue our next grand adventure. The growth of this site and community surpassed our wildest expectations. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being part of this incredible experience and sincerely hope to see each of you out there on the open road.

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"Garage Insider" Biker Patch

The "Garage Insider" Biker patch is only one of many different patches you can earn on OpenRoadJourney.

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Garage Insider
Share what you're riding or driving by editing your garage on your profile page.

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What is road rep? Your Road Reputation score is a rough measurement of how much the ORJ community trusts you; you build your road rep by convincing other ORJ bikers that you really are a true motorcyclist. Basic use of the site, including posting routes, commenting, etc. does not require any road reputation. But, the more road rep you gain, the more privileges you gain including access to helpful features on ORJ!

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