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Montreal, QC, Canada Motorcyclist vtx_cdn_rider

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Member for: 13 years, 98 days
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  • Home Base: Montreal, QC, Canada
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What's in my Garage? 2002 VTX 1800 R

My VTX and the open road!

Hey! ( I could'nt start without that beeing Canadian ;) )
I've been riding for the better part of 20 years!
My first bike was a 1983 Kawasaki 650CSR, second bike a 1995 Vulcan 750 and now a 2002 Orange VTX 1800 R :)
So far my bike as close to 100K on it and is still running like new!
I've been EVERYWERE on 1 day rides, close to EVERYWERE on week-end rides, enywere I can reach on 3 days rides and down to Myrtle Beach this year on a 11 day ride.
It is done ....the MEGA ROAD TRIP.... Route 66 from Montreal, Qc, Canada down to Los Angeles....and back :)?

About me: After a very painfull divorce that finally saw it's conclusion last April ... I finally started riding again as much as I want!
Being single and adventurous might get me in trouble eventually but I want to be wild and free and enjoy every second of it!
I didblog my MEGA ROAD TRIP but saddly for most of will be in french. Altough if someone wants a translation of it I might just do it ;)
And for those of you who plan?to take a ride?in Quebec :
April = you will freeze your ass off!
May, June = not so bad during the day but you will be cold when the evening comes. (unless you brought appropriate clothing with you)
July, August : about the same as New York ... hot during the day and usually fresh at night.
September : for us it's the best riding conditions.... fresh all the time ;)
October: you will freeze your ass off again except on days that mother nature will be agreable to us ;)
Ride safe and if you want to know me a little better feel free to write to me! ( or if we can meet on my way to L.A. ;) )

Showing the Qc Gouv. that Bikers stick together!!! over 1000 bikes in downtown Mtl ;)

I'll keep you posted! Hey! ;)

vtx_cdn_rider has been a member of our motorcycle community for 13 years, 98 days. vtx_cdn_rider's home location for riding is Montreal, QC, Canada.

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