After nearly 20 years, we've decided to close our doors on August 11th and pursue our next grand adventure. The growth of this site and community surpassed our wildest expectations. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being part of this incredible experience and sincerely hope to see each of you out there on the open road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of routes should I share here?

OpenRoadJourney is for people who love to ride (or drive) routes and roads that inspire them in one way or another. What may be a “good” route for one person may be horrible for another and vice versa, it’s subjective depending on the person, their riding skill level, and a number of other factors.

In general though if your route is well described with a thorough explanation of what other riders can expect, and why you liked this particular route or what inspired you about … then that is a route you should share!

Said a different way, if you liked the route – share it and explain why you liked it thoroughly!

What kind of routes or roads should I not share here?

You should only submit routes that you can describe why it is a good route to ride. Why did you like? What inspired you about it?

Don’t post some 4000 mile journey across the country and then give no explanation on what inspired you about the ride, interesting things to do, or why you liked it. Routes like this are quickly flagged and possibly removed.

What are Biker Patches?

Just like the patches you can earn for your favorite riding jacket, you earn ORJ Biker Patches for on OpenRoadJourney. How you ask? It's simple: Complete the objective for the patch, then sit back and revel in your own awesomeness.

What is Road Rep?


Don’t be rude. Be respectful of others. Treat others with the same respect you’d want to be treated with. It’s pretty simple.

May I promote products or websites I’m affiliated with here?

This is a watchout. Motorcyclists may come from all different walks of life, and our little community is no different. But, in an age of overt spamming our community frowns on self-promotion. It generally gets removed quickly. Not always, but most often it does.

Make sure that sharing your product or website adds to the discussion in a meaningful way and is not distracting. If you do it a lot, you’ll be flagged as a spammer, which hurts your reputation and your products or websites reputation. Our advertising rates are quite reasonable, drop us a note to get details.

Finally, we have a very popular program for motorcycle oriented companies to get exposure to our community. Drop us a note on our Contact Us page to find out more.

What if I need more help?

Sometimes things break, or you may have a unrelated question. We’d love to hear from you. Head on over to our Contact Us page and drop us a note.

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