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User Privileges on ORJ

When other users vote positively for routes you've shared on ORJ you earn road rep. This is the score you see next to your username and on your profile page.

As you earn road rep from your fellow bikers, you earn trust - and additional privileges on OpenRoadJourney.

We've listed those privileges below, click on each one for additional information.

Road Rep Privilege Description
15 Vote Up Vote a Ride or Road Up
15 Flag a Route Flag for Moderator Attention
125 Vote a Ride or Road Down Don't let crappy roads or routes get any attention. Vote it down.
500 Retag Retag a route
1000 Show Up & Down Votes Show the up and down vote counts for each route.
2000 Edit, Approve, & Reject Coming Soon: Edit routes and roads submitted by others.
15000 Vote To Delete Vote to delete negatively voted routes. Eventually we need to kick the bad apples out to keep things humming.

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