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Illinois Motorcycle Rides and Roads

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The state of Illinois offers a biker some great real estate on which to open up the engine and really let it go. Thanks to a topography that is incredibly flat throughout most of the state, Illinois motorcycle rides come easy for even a novice rider. Most of the state is contained within the Interior Plains, although the northwestern corner does see some minor elevation change. However, the highest elevation in the whole state is just over 1,200 feet – so it is almost all flat and ready to be explored.

Want to experience some big city scenery while on your Illinois motorcycle tours? Chicago is one of the biggest and more vibrant cities in the world, and is just waiting to be explored. You can get world-class pizza, enjoy views of Lake Michigan, and discover seemingly endless urban sprawl.

Peaceful nature sights more your style? Illinois motorcycle routes have that to offer as well. Getting south out of Chicago will present you with some beautiful plains and flat country roads to kick up a little dust and let the bike chew up some miles. What Illinois might lack in elevation it makes up for easy riding and mile after mile of uncongested country pavement.

Don't overlook Illinois as a destination for your next motorcycle trip. Thanks to the influence of big-city Chicago combined with the country setting and Midwest charm of the rest of the state, there is something in Illinois to please everyone on the trip. Start planning your Illinois exploration today!

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