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Maryland is home to a surprising collection of rewarding motorcycle rides. With an interesting mix of natural scenery, nice roads, and timeless historical remnants, this region demands a lengthy stay when you visit on your bike.

As you cruise along the eastern shores of Chesapeake Bay, expect to find spectacular motorcycle routes that lead to pristine sandy beaches. Along this stretch of Eastern seaboard coast and you will be left with an array of unknown roads to explore. Narrow highways warp around a coastline covered in hundreds of small tucked-away coves. The clean and quiet beaches that line this area make great stopping points when you desire the tranquility of the Atlantic Ocean. If the beach is not your cup of tea, the western portion of the state is enveloped in gentle rolling hills. In the spring, this area is painted by blooming flowers and buzzing wildlife that can be enjoyed while speeding along the highway.

As you discover small back roads that branch from the coast, expect to be mesmerized by the unmistakable history of this region. Maryland's rich historical roots can be traced back to the colonial era of the United States. Monuments marking the sites of battlegrounds from the Revolutionary War and Civil War are found in every corner of the state.

Serving as the metropolitan hub of Maryland, the city of Baltimore offers many points of interest for travelers passing through. Park in the seaside district and enjoy freshly caught crab and oysters. Besides a variety of exceptional culinary options, the city is home to several world-class museums of fine art and classical music.

Although small in size, Maryland offers impressive motorcycle tours for every type of rider. Whether you want a history lesson on the countryside or the excitement of the coast, America's 7th colony will not fail to deliver.

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