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Oregon Motorcycle Rides and Roads

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The pristine motorcycle roads of Oregon offer no shortage of thrills for the adventure hungry road warrior. This sparsely populated territory contains thousands of miles of uncongested roads to traverse at your leisure.

Geographic extremes are commonplace in the state of Oregon. A motorcycle ride along the classic Pacific Coast Highway will present views of intimidating redwood trees that tower endlessly along rocky coastlines. Head just 100 miles east, and you will find the year round white caps of Mount Hood, or the alien-like rock formations of Crater Lake National Park. Taking a motorcycle tour through these impressive areas seems to evoke the spirit of early Pacific Northwest pioneers.

Nature's domination of the landscape does not end when you reach urban civilization. The cultivated city of Portland creates an atmosphere is defined by progressive environmentalism and commitment to groundbreaking artwork. The city's unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird", and it is evident that offbeat local business owners follow this message closely. Artwork in many forms has been ingrained into the fabric of this colorful city. Taking a motorcycle ride through Portland is an experience far removed from that of most other major cities.

Navigating Oregon's vast assortment of stellar motorcycle routes is an activity unparalleled in excitement. The commanding natural scenery and funky charm of Portland and other Oregon cities make this a world-class area to hit the road.

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