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I Love Texas and 'Dillos

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Ride Stats:

  • Distance: 269 miles / 432.9 km
  • Ride Time: 1 day
  • Approximate Fuel Costs: $20.44
  • State: Texas
Submitted by:

I Love TEXAS and 'DillosHowdy, y-al,A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) hanging around the back yard. This is not usual since my yard borders a tribute creek that flows to Village Creek just south of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, a super highway from the Trinity River Valley into my back yard. The area along the river is a large natural open area in the Federal flood plan.I have a few new house pets, noted in the attached photos, it appears my guest had some babies. They can really mess up things while rooting for insects and worms in the yard and flower beds. They are very cute and you can get very close by being quiet and very still. The gate closed after I took these photos and one ‘Dillo almost ran over my foot heading back under the deck for safety.We had a mom and four(4) young ‘Dillos for a few weeks and I have learned to like the Texas State small mammal. will move on soon but, they seem to enjoy the sand under the deck and the abundance of worms, grubs, and insects in our yard.Wind gusts to fifty(50) miles per hour, high humidity and 90F degree days and that, my friends, is hot for late May and early June in North Central Texas. We got a little break on Saturday morning with lots of clouds and a few late morning rain showers. The Indy car races at Texas Motor Speedway in Northwest Tarrant county this weekend, made it a no brainer, so old RT and old ST head Southwest to Gatesville, Texas (Spur Capitol of Texas).Low 80’sF and cloud cover makes old Sport Touring Motorcycles happy so we take the back roads out of Tarrant county to FM 1187, Crowley, Texas and head Southwest. Fuel is our first stop at the intersection of FM1187 and I-35W South in Crowley. Topping off with 5.5 gallons of 93 Octane (R+M/2) at only $4.199 per gallon. FM1187 West by passes the town of Crowley with four lanes but, with a few traffic lights and we are out of town. FM 2331 South from FM 1187 is the real beginning of the “Ride”, and the Texas two lane back roads is the reason to go. We enjoy the beautiful rolling hills, with wild flowers and trees, dotted with pretty houses and large ranches. This part of Texas is booming with gas production from the Barnett Shell formation. We are now sharing our back roads with lots of gas well service trucks and equipment.http://www.thebarnettshale.comAt US Hwy 67 we head West through the Brazos river valley into Glen Rose, Texas (America’s Dream Town, 2004). The square at Glen Rose is still occupied with business and in very nice shape probably not changed in fifty years. The Somervell County Court house sits in the center of the square and is one of the smallest court houses in Texas. The park sitting around the court house is covered with large pecan trees, a big gazebo, park benches, drinking fountain, dinosaur track display and public restrooms. We take a break at the gazebo and realize we are not going to have a place to eat for a couple of hours so, we make the decision to back track to The Ranch House Bar B Que(254-897-3441) in Glen Rose on US Hwy 67. The Ranch House is located under large Pecan trees with lots of paved parking and a porch with tables for out door seating. Real Texas Bar B Que will always include Beef brisket or Pork Ribs and this place has both with all the extras. We experienced some nice folks and good food, I love TEXAS.We cross the Paluxy River just south of town on TX Hwy 144 on our way to Walnut Springs, Texas. The road runs along the top of a ridge between the Brazos River Valley on the East and the Bosque River Valley on the West, making some very nice scenery for several miles into the quaint little town of Walnut Springs. The area is covered with large stands of Pecan and Oak trees, large ranches and homesteads. Walnut creek runs through the edge of town creating a large tree shaded park area. This would be a great place for a short nap but, we push on down TX Hwy 144 to Meridian, County Seat of Bosque, Texas( Top of the Hill Country).Since we are so well equipped with the latest navigational equipment, The Roads of Texas map book, we pick FM 1991 South along the east bank of the Bosque river, a little twisty with no traffic to Clifton, Texas ( The Norwegian Capitol of Texas). Another neat small town with a large lively downtown area with plenty of antique stores and restaurants.FM 219 West to FM 182 south gets us to Turnersville, Texas, once the crossing spot of the Chishom trail and Bosque trail. The area was known for its source of spring water in the 1800’s cattle days and the town was established here by Cal Turner when he setup his blacksmith shop to repair wagons and shoe horses. The large Turnersville cemetery located south of town, is very well maintained.TX Hwy 36 South takes us through the middle of several large Texas Department of Corrections facilities, to downtown Gatesville, Texas. The guard towers and barbed wire fences appear very secure for both sides, we understand these are prisons for woman.Gatesville, Texas is the county seat of Coryell and is located along the Leon River. The name came from the near by Fort Gates, and the town grew after the civil war from new Texans moving here to start their lives over.Rural Texas towns seem to always have large nice Dairy Queen restaurants with table sitting , not like small fast food places in the cities. You can always get a cold drink, a bite of ice cream and local folks to visit with at the D Q. We visited with a couple of nice young ladies riding a low slung Sportster and a hopped up looking soft tail with a big carburetor and a large K&N air cleaner, along with others enjoying the air conditioning and ice cream.Time to head home, so we hit FM 215 North to FM 2602 back to Clifton, Texas and TX Hwy 6 North. TX Hwy 174 in Meridian to US Hwy 67 in Cleburne, then FM 2208 to FM 917 and back to Tarrant county and our home twenty(10-20 that’s CB talk). I was getting my “after ride” bath by about 7:00PM to make my pretty dark cherry red paint to shine and remove the remains of a few bugs with lots of “Guts”.I think we covered about 275 miles of the 76,000 miles of lovely Texas paved roads. I hope you see why I Love Texas and ‘Dillos.C-yal, Old ST. ãhiramgj

This is a motorcycle ride in the state of Texas. This motorcycle route has 9 scenery characteristics and other road conditions to help you plan your road trip. This motorcycle map was created by ST1100 in June. Click here to see other Motorcycle Roads by ST1100

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SR1 says:

Rode this route today. Great roads south of Glen Rose/Cleburn line, as good as it gets in a day ride from DFW. Thanks!
Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 9:09 AM


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