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No Chickens Here, Just a Scenic Road

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Ride Stats:

  • Distance: 7 miles / 11.3 km
  • Ride Time: < 1 hour
  • Approximate Fuel Costs: $0.53
  • State: Ohio
Submitted by:
OpenRoadRider pro

Some times when you're out exploring by motorcycle, the odds aren't always in your favor.

Some days you can go out, and every piece of new asphalt you find seems to be made for motorcycles to carve through.

Other days...well, lets just say you're not as lucky. This was one of those days. I'd been out exploring on the motorcycle for some new roads and hadn't found much of interest. In fact, all I had really found was lots of boring roads running through row after row of cookie cutter suburbs and trailer parks. Not exactly inspiring.

But, heck, that's what exploring is about, slogging through the uninteresting to find the interesting. Stick with it long enough and you'll eventually find that jewel.

That's exactly what happened this particular day. It was getting later in the afternoon, and I figured I'd need to start turning around and heading back home in about thirty minutes to make dinner with the family.

Just then, I saw a sign for an upcoming road whiz by as I motored down the road. Chicken Hollow Road. Hmm...Interesting.

Anything with the word Hollow in it has potential in my mind, and something as oddly named as Chicken Hollow Road is certainly worth a look.

I think the road was taunting me, saying I was a chicken if I didn't try it. Not being one to back down from any type of challenge, even the imaginary ones I make up in my head sometimes, I hung a right and got out the camera.

The international sign for a potentially good motorcycle road.

Right at the entrance was a good sign (and by sign, I literally mean a sign) telling me that this road might just be the jewel I was looking for.

Forests, farmland, and all along a scenic little creek. Chicken Hollow Road delivers.

Another half mile in on Chicken Hollow Road I knew that this was going to be a great road. In just the first half mile, I had already passed through forests, beautiful farmland, and a well-maintained old farmhouse (with an outhouse!). All as the road continued to shrink in width to become no more than a well paved goat path that twisted it's way through the countryside right next to a scenic little creek. Jack pot!

A goat path road, Chicken Hollow Road is just slightly larger than a single lane.
Some of you may be wondering what I mean by 'well paved goat path.' I'll assume that the well paved part is pretty self-explanatory. 'Goat path' though describes a rural road that has no divider line and is only slightly larger than a one way street. If you find a goat path of your own you'll be in for a treat as they go to some pretty remote areas and always have very little traffic (which is a good thing because as I said, it's only slightly wider than a one lane road).

The road goes up to the top of a hill, then back down, with beautiful views the whole way.

The road itself meanders up one side of a hill, and then back down the other side. At the top you get some pretty fantastic soaring views. As you ride up or down, the road twists through farmland, forests, and follows a little creek giving you more opportunity to admire the sights.

A rock wall follows along most of one side of this road.

An interesting feature of this road is the hand made rock wall that follows along one side of road. I'm assuming that it must act as some type of retaining wall - but, frankly, I have no idea. I just thought it was cool and it added a pretty neat aspect to the road.

Pretty soon, as I got to the end of the road and started to turn around, I realized that I was way past the original thirty minutes before I had to turn around. Dinner at home was not in the cards this evening. But, I did get to end the day with a fantastic little road with a funky name - Chicken Hollow Road. When you're out exploring you just never know what you're going to find.

Things to Consider

First and foremost is that while this is a fairly twisty road, it's also a goat path road. Besides 'goat path' meaning that it's rural and not very wide, it also means that sharp turns aren't marked and they are mostly blind. What do you get when you mix thin roads, no dividing lines, blind turns, and somebody thinking this is the place to drag a knee? A bad accident.

So, I would recommend this as a scenic road that you should cruise along and enjoy the sights, not an adrenaline pumper twisty. And remember that none of the turns are marked so you can come up pretty quickly on a sharp 90 degree turn before you realize it.

The length of this road is short, but you might want to plan a bit more time to slow down and see the sights. The pavement is outstanding and very smooth. Traffic is virtually non-existent as well.

If you run this road west to east, it'll dead-end on OH 763, which is another great road you'll want to hit. It's profiled here: OH 763

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you're looking for a scenic little rural road that twists it's way through some beautiful country side, you're going to want to give Chicken Hollow Road a try. We'll maintained, great views, forest, farmland, twists and turns, and all along a creek. What's not to like?

Elevation Profile

Nearby Things to See
East Bend Twin Drive-In Movie Theatre. It's at the northern end of the OH 763, about 200 feet up on OH 125

The Forgotten River Town Tour runs nearby, check this tour out for lots of nearby things to do.

Other Roads To Try

Motorcycle Road OH 763

The Great River Road (Ohio 52)

The final portion of the descent at the eastern end of the road, right before it ends.

This is a motorcycle ride in the state of Ohio. This motorcycle route has 5 scenery characteristics and other road conditions to help you plan your road trip. This motorcycle map was created by OpenRoadRider in August. Click here to see other Motorcycle Roads by OpenRoadRider

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Ride Scenery:

Fall ColorsForestRuralRiverFarm Land

Best Time to Go

Spring, Summer, Fall

Road Characteristics:

Sweeping Curves RoadTwisty RoadRolling HillsNo TrafficSmoothRare Gas StationsRare

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Previous Comments from other Riders:

SerenitySue says:

Chicken Hollow is just off 68 McDonalds is always a good stop usually meet lots of fellow bikers there then go 52 wet to Thomas Hill and wind back to 125 pretty countryside
Sun Feb 8, 2015 at 6:36 PM

felon says:

This is exactly the reason we stop and turn around on those days when we pass a road and do a double take and then say uhmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Great looking road, and I will be sure to visit next time up that way.
Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 9:10 AM


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