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The Torpoint Twisties & Scenic Chaser

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Ride Stats:

  • Distance: 65.09 miles / 104.7 km
  • Ride Time: 2-4 hours
  • Approximate Fuel Costs: $4.95
  • Country: United Kingdom
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The Torpoint Twisties is a well renowned biker route in the southwest of the UK. It’s known locally as the Cornish TT, after the Isle of Man TT races, and that gives you an idea of what to expect the moment you exit left off the A38 at the Trerulefoot roundabout.

With 19 miles of fast sweeping bends, slow technical corners and elevation changes that wouldn’t feel out of place on the Nurburgring, this road has it all. After 10 minutes it does start to feel like a track, from the fast-as-your-balls-are-big blind-crested straight, to the slow 30mph quaint village timeouts, the main thing to remember is that this is a two-way shooting range. For every car you pass another one will be coming the opposite way, and as the road signs remind you, not everyone stays lucky.

The three villages on the run, Polbathic, Sheviock and Anthony, are all 30mph speed limits. It’s best to slow down. This not only saves your licence, but also keeps complaints down. The day is coming when a permanent average speed check will guard this road, and the more complaints the police receive, the sooner that bikers nightmare will unfold.

Once you ride past the Torpoint sign you spot a fire station on the right of the road, you can use it to spin the bike around and head back to the roundabout 9.5 miles ago, reversing the route. This is the ‘Twisties’ complete. At his point the peg scrapping multi-coloured heroes scrape around the roundabout and head back to Torpoint again. The road really is that good.

If you so wish you can head straight on past the Torpoint sign and take the ferry back to Plymouth. This is what the locals do, ride a few laps of the Twisties before grabbing the free ferry back to Plymouth for a cup of tea at the allegedly ‘world famous’ Captain Jaspers.

The 14 mile return route is best run early in the morning, and later at night. During the day the traffic will be too hectic to ever get into a stride, and the route is well known to the local police too.

Should you wish to take the longer scenic route it is very straightforward, heading to Liskeard and turning right towards Callington, across to Tavistock and back to Plymouth across the national park. This is a very quick to describe an hour or more of riding, but there isn’t much more to say.

The thing is, all the riding in Cornwall and North Devon is, most of the time, extremely good. It’s a beautiful area, it has hills, cute villages, and undeniably, rain. But you’re in the UK, so that’s your own fault.

The run to Liskeard, and beyond to Callington and Tavistock, are a scenic run over some predictably beautiful British scenery. The road is smooth, and of fairly good quality, there are enough corners to keep it interesting, and enough slower sections to take time to appreciate the views beside the road. There is a multitude of smaller roads to take, and many interesting things to see. An hour studying a map of the area would not be wasted and greatly improve on the route I have set out.

There are speed limits, and it’s best to be aware of your speed even if you pay no heed to them. Speed cameras in the UK are bright yellow and clearly signposted, to get caught by one of them indicates a special type of unawareness. The police however, are increasingly driving unmarked cars, almost impossible to spot until your mirrors are filled with a flashing blue BMW grill.

One last point, be aware of animals while out on the moors, nobody’s a winner in a tear-up between a bike and a Dartmoor Pony.

This is a motorcycle ride in the country of United Kingdom. This motorcycle route has 4 scenery characteristics and other road conditions to help you plan your road trip. This motorcycle map was created by MarkT in February. Click here to see other Motorcycle Roads by MarkT

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Urban/ResidentialRuralRiverFarm Land

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Spring, Summer

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Straight RoadSweeping Curves RoadTwisty RoadRolling HillsLight TrafficSmoothAdequate Gas StationsAdequate

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