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Visit The World (In Georgia)

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Ride Stats:

  • Distance: 388 miles / 624.4 km
  • Ride Time: A Weekend (2 days)
  • Approximate Fuel Costs: $29.49
  • State: Georgia
Submitted by:
troy30455 pro

My Lady friend Margie and I found out at the last minute she would have Easter Saturday and Sunday off from work. So, we planned to take a quick bike trip to get away. Leave Saturday morning and return Sunday evening. She told me to plan a ride, she didn't care where we rode to. Boy I like having that freedom!!
Riding up to Myrtle Beach in March or April is nice because room rates are low and lines are short. So I planned a ride route to Myrtle Beach. Then I began thinking of a ride I had planned several years back. I called it A Ride to See The World. For one reason or another it was a trip never taken. So I contacted Margie and told her I had two routes planned. One was to the east to the beach and the other to the west to Visit The World.
She said the west and what???? Visit the World??? I told her I would explain later. which way did she wanna ride. We decided to flip a coin for it. Heads we ride east, tails we ride west. Well, tails won. So here's how the trip to Visit The World went.

Even though only going for an overnight ride, we had to pack for dual weather conditions. It was April when it can be nice and warm til you climb on that bike. Or until the sun sets in the evening. We got the bike loaded up and got on the road about 10:30 a.m. I planned a late start to let the morning chill warm up.
Putting on the full leather was a warm task in the yard before leaving. Margie was asking are you sure we need all this on? But as soon as we got a mile down the road at 65 mph she leaned forward and said: I'm glad we wore these leathers!
The brisk spring air felt great and my Heritage was purring as it breathed that cool air. West bound we headed off to a foreign land. We traveled roads that are common for us to ride. Toward Portal then Metter, Ga using county roads. In Metter we turned onto GA121/23 toward Cobbtown. In Cobbtown we turned right onto GA152. This road is aka Lyons Highway. As soon as we turned and got out of Cobbtown, we came upon the fields. Fields of onions! Fields of Vidalia Sweet Onions!!! There were fields of young plants up to fields of plowed up onions drying in the sun. For 15 miles or so to Lyons... onions on both sides of the road!!
In Lyons we turned onto US 280 which for most of the rest of the day would be our road. This highway would carry us on to our visit of the world. After riding through Vidalia we continued west on US 280 toward Mount Vernon. While this town is in the US, it was also a place near Washington DC that George Washington called home.

It was at this point I told Margie how our trip would unfold as a Visit The World ride. As in most states of our great country, our forefathers used names of the towns or country they or their family came from to name a new village or town. Georgia has many towns and cities with European names. Hence our Visit The World ride title.
A lot of our pictures on this ride will be purely of city limit or welcome signs just as proof we did pass through each of these places.
On we rode west on US 280.

Well you just may think you are in the state of Texas, but no we are just riding across Georgia!!

Welcome to Scotland.......Georgia that is. No travels in Europe on this ride.

And I am sure you know where you are here at this sign??? Italy?? No, on US 280 in south Georgia!!!
This along with many of the towns along this route are very small rural towns. Some with no store just a few homes.

And now on to Germany???? NO.... right here in Georgia is Rhine!

And can you believe all the way to France on this ride? No me either! Just Seville Georgia.

So.... on we rode until we came to Americus, Georgia. Name of the city kinda draws you back in to the old homeland!!
We stopped here for the night to rest from the ''World Travels'' of the day.

And of course the bike needed a little rest after these travels....

After a nights rest we resumed our ride by first visiting the home town of our 39th president Jimmy Carter.

And as a good ending for our ride around the world for this trip, we passed through Vienna!
Not Vienna, the capital city and largest city in Austria. No, it is Vienna, Georgia population about 3,000 in Dooly county.

We hope to visit on another ride the towns of Egypt, Bethlehem, Rome, Athens and Sparta........ Georgia that is!!!

Until then, look up these old European towns on your state map and plan a ride to visit them.

This is a motorcycle ride in the state of Georgia. This motorcycle route has 8 scenery characteristics and other road conditions to help you plan your road trip. This motorcycle map was created by troy30455 in October. Click here to see other Motorcycle Roads by troy30455

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Spring, Fall, Winter

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