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Road Rep

Road Rep (Reputation) is a point system for measuring, roughly, how much the ORJ community trusts you. Privileges are additional site features you earn by building your road rep score.

Earning Road Rep

Road Rep is earned by convincing other bikers on the site that you know a good place to ride a motorcycle when you see one! The more Road Rep you earn, the more privileges you gain on the site. Basic use of the site such as adding new routes and rides, suggesting edits to existing routes, commenting, etc do not require any Road Rep.

The main way to earn Road Rep is by adding new routes to ORJ. When you add a new ride or road to ORJ, fellow motorcyclists will vote on it - giving you more votes for a really great route, or less votes for a not so great one. Those votes will cause you to gain (or, in some rare cases, lose) Road Rep points. Specifically:

A Route You Added is Voted Up+ 5 points (routes with pics get voted up more)
A Route You Added is Voted Down- 2 points (-1 pts to Voter)

A maximum of 10 votes can be cast per user per day. You can earn a maximum of 100 Road Rep points per day.

Coming Soon: The other way to gain reputation is by suggesting edits to existing routes on ORJ. Each edit will be reviewed by fellow bikers, and if it is accepted, you will earn +2 Road Rep points. You can only earn a maximum of +1000 total Road Rep points through suggested edits.

If your curious about all the cool things Road Rep points can be used more about privileges and additional features

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